Drawing a gingerbread man is as easy as drawing a rectangle, cutting it in half with a vertical line to make the face and cut out arms.

Kids love gingerbread men. They come as a single cookie as well as dozens in a small box, and they’re easy to draw. So what could be better than helping kids learn how to draw one?

How to draw a Gingerbread Man

They’ll learn the letter G in the process, which is fun for those just learning to read and write!

Step 1: Draw a long rectangle to form the body of your gingerbread man. Add two small triangles at the top for his ears.

Step 2: Draw another long rectangle and cut it in half with a vertical line. This will be the head and face, and you’ll notice that there’s already a guide on one side of the center line we’ve added thanks to the ears we drew in the previous step.

Step 3: Draw a curve on either side of his face and connect it to the top rectangle for arms. Go back to draw circles at the tops of both arm areas. These are his hands, so when you embellish them with candy buttons or beads they’ll look great!

Step 4: Outline your gingerbread man and color him in. You can give your gingerbread the typical cookie-dough look by adding a brown crayon to everything but his face and hands, which you should color with red crayons or markers. Add dots on his cheeks and buttons on his arms to finish him off!

Step 5: This is a simple character that you can embellish further to make more interesting. Kids can add his facial expression, for example, and give him more clothes. He’s also simple enough that kids can get creative and change him up and add spikes on his head or even flames coming out of the top!

So that’s how to draw a Gingerbread Man.

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