Dolphins are aquatic mammals who live in water.

Let’s get started!

How to draw Dolphin

Drawing a dolphin is not too hard. Here are the steps how to draw one!

1) First, draw an oval shape for the dolphin’s body.

2) Next, draw the tail of the dolphin. It should resemble a capital ‘V’. The two lines should be pointing outward and at a diagonal angle from each other.

3) Draw a line going along the dorsum of the dolphin’s head to indicate where you will insert its dorsal fin at a later time.

4) Along the line going down the middle of its back, make sure there is a space as this will be where its flukes will protrude from as well as its dorsal fin if you have added it in step 3). Add some finishing details to the tail.

5) Draw two ovals for its pectoral fins that are near its head on either side of the line straight down from the dorsal fin. Also draw a curved line coming off each oval for where its flippers will be placed at a later time.

6) Add some detail to the body, head, and the tail.

7) Lastly, add in some fins. The dorsal fin should be curved while the flukes should have a point a bit to the right of center. Add a few more finishing touches if you desire and you’ve got yourself a completed dolphin!

So this is how you can easily draw dolphin.

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