First, you’ll need a pencil and paper. Then, you draw a circle for the head. Next, add a long line to represent the back of the neck and then two curved lines on either side of the head that will serve as his front paws.

After that, add in a few curves at the front of the muzzle to show his nose and nostrils. Finally, add some lines near his feet to indicate fur.

Then, you’ll need to draw his eyes. Start by drawing a small curve and then another larger one over it that stretches down and intersects with the first line.

Add two smaller curves next to the intersection of the first lines — one on either side — and then some short strokes at each end of those curves for smaller eye shapes.

When you’re done, fill in the smaller circles with white. Then fill in the larger circles with black and color his irises yellow.

Next, you need to draw his mouth. Start by drawing two round lines that overlap each other slightly for the lower jaw on either side of the face. Then draw a few curved lines below them to show his neck.

Now add the rest of his face and neck fur by drawing some jagged lines that overlap each other.

The fur on top should be closer to his head while the fur near the neck should be far away from it. Draw a few curved lines in between them for separation and then add a few extra ones on either side to separate the front paws from the face.

Now draw his ear by starting at the top with a curve that stretches down and then back up to its original place.

Draw an oval around it for the foundation of his ear, and then add another smaller curve on top of it to show the flap you see when you look at your pet’s ear. Add several more lines inside the flap to show individual hairs and then color it pink so it stands out from his head fur.

Draw his tail by first drawing a curve near the back of him for the base of it. Then, draw another one above that same line to indicate the tufted end on top that hangs downward.

Draw a few curved lines on either side of the base line to make it more round, and then some short strokes inside of them for individual fur. Color his tail brown.

Draw two more lines on either side of his head where his cheeks would be, and then draw an extra curve furrowed into the middle that stretches down to its original place.

Draw two curved lines above it that almost meet to form an arrow shape, and then add another line between them for his nose. Color the inside of the arrow red because this is where he will blush when embarrassed or angry.

Finally, draw a few curved lines on either side of the bottom of his muzzle to indicate fur there.

Add a few dashes along the outside of his face and some dashes on either side of his front paws to give him more texture. When you finish, color your pet’s face white and everything else brown.

Then shade in all the lines so they stand out from each other more and color those lines grey.

Your first drawing of dog is ready now!

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