The following steps are necessary in order to draw the deer:

1. Start with a triangle in the form of an upside down “V” in black.

2. Draw two straight lines, one horizontal line and one vertical line below the triangle in black. On either side of the vertical line, draw three short horizontal lines in red. On three of the short horizontal lines on each side of the triangle, draw two small circles with two dots for eyes both above and below them.

3. Color all white parts dark gray or brown then reflectively highlight all reflectively reflective things that are supposed to look shiny like horns or eyes or other non-natural things that are supposed to look shiny like water droplets on grass.

4. Draw a couple of short, thin lines to indicate the deer’s legs and clean up any mess with the eraser tool by pulling it straight down on the erase line to make the pose look nice and naturalistic.

5. Erase all unnecessary lines or fill them in with flat colors if they are supposed to be invisible or indistinguishable from the background to make it look like the deer is just a shadowy silhouette instead of an anthropomorphized cartoon-like character.

6. If you’re drawing more than one deer, do something different with each deer that makes them all unique and distinct instead of just copying yourself for every individual deer. If you forget what I said, just keep reading this article until you remember it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw a Deer.

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