Drawing a crown can be done by using a pen and paper. The first step is to make a triangle on the paper and then draw two lines to connect the lines and make it look like a cone. Draw circles in the opening of the cone. Draw a line from the top of the cone to the middle of its side. Add small circles at the end of that line.

Drawing a crown can also be done by using Adobe Illustrator. The first step is to make a triangle on the artboard, which will serve as a reference later on. Make sure it’s closed and not open.

After that, draw the plus sign and then just click on it and push it to the point where you can see both ends of your lines intersecting with one another. You will need two copies of this circle which you’ll color as red as seen in this picture.

Next is adding some circles for decoration. Make them small and click on your gradient tool. You can make them red and white or you can color them as you like it.

The next step is to draw two circles which will be the size of the cone part of the crown. Make sure they’re both intersecting line with one another, but not touching it completely.

After that, just draw the line on the top of the two circles.

The final step is to make small details with your gradient tool. All you have to do is click on it and put it where you think there are not enough details.

You can also use this picture which shows how to draw a crown with Adobe Illustrator. You just have to copy the picture, place it on the artboard and then color the circles.

Next is the second part where you have to draw a line connecting both lines which are circled in red. The next step is making small dots at each intersection of the circle with another circle. Make them round so they will look like pearls or diamonds.

The final step is adding the gradient effect on the small details by clicking on your gradient tool and selecting appropriate colors.

So that’s how to draw a Crown.

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