In this article, we will give you instructions on how you can easily draw a cow!

Let’s begin.

How to draw a Cow

A cow is a four-legged, hoofed mammal with a ruminant’s digestive system. It has horns and reddish-brown fur.

Begin by drawing the head and body of the cow. Draw out ovals to represent the face, ears, eyes, horn, muzzle, cheeks and mouth.

Sketch lines for the neck and torso. The shape of these should follow each other closely. Erase any unwanted lines you might have drawn in previous steps before proceeding to the next step.

1. Create lines that will serve as guidelines for where you want your cow’s legs to be. These should be placed on either side of where you’ll draw its torso. The left leg will be lower than the right leg because the cow will be lying down.

2. Draw a line along the right side of your previous guideline to form the body of the cow. This line should go from where you’ve drawn its horn to where its legs are going to be. Draw out ovals for its torso and rump area. Outline your lines with cross-hatching.

3.  Draw the cow’s left leg near where you had made your previous guideline. This should be placed on the left of your outline, right under the rump area. The knee joint should be rounded and most of its mass should go underneath the torso to make it look like it is lying down. Draw two ovals for its body.

4. The remaining four legs are all placed under the cow’s back. They should be made out of ovals that connect to the hip joints of the cow. Draw cross-hatches over these parts to form its hooves and shins. The two hind legs have stripes on them because they are facing down towards where you’re drawing the head.

5. Add a tail and ears at the top of its head, and you’ve completed your cow. Coloring should be done last after adding all other details such as eyes and horns. You can leave your cow white or give it any number of colors to improve its appearance and make one that is unique to you!

So this is how you can draw a cow easily!

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