Draw a circle or square in pencil for the base of the Christmas tree, depending on your preference.

Draw a triangle in pencil to represent the pointed top of the tree. Draw a curved line from the top to bottom in pencil to represent a trunk coming from the ground up into the Christmas tree.

Plot a series of triangles outside and inside once at a time to create points that come from each side of the trunk.

Plot these same triangles from each side until they fill in every point on the trunk with triangles. Fill in all spaces with solid lines.

Add irregularly spaced lines, thicker than normal ones, between two consecutive triangles on one side of the branch, going towards the center of the branch for extra detail. Add dots going towards the center of the branch for more detail.

Gradually, raise the thickness of your lines in pencil to give them form. Use varying line widths on different parts of the tree to make it appear realistic; use thin lines for branches and thicker ones for thicker parts of its body like where branches connect or at places where branches grow closer together.

Rub out all pencil lines with an eraser to achieve clean black lines on the white paper. Erase any remaining pencil marks that you might see after rubbings if there are any.

Add small dots for extra detail throughout your Christmas tree, where desired. The more dots added, the more realistic it will appear; however, adding too many dots could make it appear pixelated.

Add in colors with a marker after erasing all pencil lines with an eraser. Make the Christmas tree red by using the marker to color over your black, erased pencil lines on the paper.

Use green for the trees’ branches, by covering them with alternating bands of green and red.

Use a gold marker to color the tree’s trunk and your Christmas tree is finished! Use this method for other trees as well, such as those found in forests.

So this is how to draw a Christmas Tree.

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