In this article, you will get instructions on how you can draw a chicken.

Here are the step by step instructions:

How to draw a Chicken

Step 1 – Draw a simple background that will represent the ground the chicken is standing on.

Step 2 – Sketch an oval for the body of the chicken, and draw in its head and wings. Add some squiggly lines in the area around its eyes to represent feathers, and use short strokes in vertical columns to form the feathery down under its neck.

Step 3 – Draw two little circles for its feet, and add a circle in the middle of them to represent the chicken’s beak.

Step 4 – Draw another oval beneath the first one to represent a lump which will become the chicken’s egg. (But if you want a male chicken, don’t give it an egg.)

Step 5 – Draw a stalk with some lumpy things on it.

Step 6 – Use small strokes near the edges of the picture to make some grass, and draw a few flower petals.

So this is how you can easily draw a chicken.

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