Here are the steps to draw a cactus:

Step 1: Draw the outline of your cactus with a brown pencil. You can also draw up a few lines across the top of your cactus for the pieces of the cactus that have spines. Draw a small line in the center of your cactus for the base.

Step 2: Outline a straight line to create a pathway from the bottom of the base to an inch or two from the top of your cactus. This is where you will start drawing straight lines to create “spikes” for your cactus.

Step 3: Starting from the base and going up, make three more lines evenly spaced apart from each other until you reach about two inches before the tip of your cactus.

Step 4: Draw two more lines starting from the base and going up to about a half inch before reaching the very top. Do not outline these pieces in though, as they are different from all the others.

Step 5: On each side place a dot for one section that is pointed out from all the others.

Step 6: On each spike that is closest to the base, place small dots on top of it representing spines. You can also draw an indentation underneath these sections for more detail.

Step 7: Outline your cactus with a brown pencil and enjoy your drawing! If you would like to give another color to your cactus, you can color it in with a green marker to create a very realistic look.

So this is how you can draw a cactus.

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