Follow the drawing instructions below to draw a boat.

1) Draw two diagonal lines on the paper. The first line should be vertical and the second should be horizontal. These lines will create a box, or rectangle shape with four sides.

2) Draw a long, slightly curved outline straight down the middle of the box created by the first two lines. This line should curve toward each of the corners created by these first two lines so that it eventually meets at one corner, forming a boat shape. The curve of this line should have a slight bend in it so it mirrors an X-shape when looking at it from above.

3) Fill in the area inside this boat shape with blue color or any other color you prefer.

4) Draw a curved line on both sides of the boat. These lines should be red and should bend inward toward the vertical center line so they touch the blue area at the top corners of the box.

5) Add gray oars sticking out symmetrically from each side of your boat drawing in a V-shape to complete your boat drawing.

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