Draw a bat with the following instructions:

1. Draw a large oval shape.

2. Draw an “X” on one end of the oval shape.

3. Draw a curved line from the other side of the oval shape over top of the “X”.

4. Draw a circle to the right of where you drew the curved line in step three.

5. Draw two short lines that come down from the bottom of the oval shape, come together, and then curve back up simulating a foot for your bat.

6. Connect the top part of the circle you drew in step four with the bottom part of the oval shape that you drew in step one.

7. Draw two lines coming out from either side of the circle like arms on your bat, curving up to draw what would be fingers on a real hand if bats had fingers.

8. Draw another line where the arms you drew curve off of the body for hands.

9. Draw two ovals that are connected for eyes of your nocturnal friend.

10. Add small curved lines on either side of the head to create ears.

11. Draw a mouth under the eyes with one long line pointing down for teeth and another smaller line above it for whiskers!

12. Shade in spots if you want a calico bat.

13. Draw a triangle shape on the other side of your oval for a tail.

14. Add a curved line at the bottom of the tail for a foot!

15. Give your bat a grin and beautiful wings! Fix any errors and erase what you don’t need to finish your bat!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Draw a Bat.

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