If you want your jeans to be shorts, you can cut them at the desired length.

You can either cut off the legs of your jeans or hem them. Keep in mind that not all jeans are meant to be cut into shorts.

How to cut jeans to shorts

Some jeans come with a chip on the fabric at the end of the jeans, which is meant to be cut.

First, put your jeans on and measure from the crotch till where you want your shorts to end. Mark that length on both legs.

Cut off or hem according to preference. Keep in mind that if you choose to cut, the waistband of your jeans will become loose. If you choose to hem, there might be excess fabric at the bottom which can be rolled up.

If you want the original length back, cut off excess stitches on both sides and push them inside so that it becomes invisible. You can also use a thread and needle and sew over the existing stitches.

Cutting or hemming jeans is the easiest method but if you want to get rid of the original length, you can do it by using scissors and making a few cuts in your jeans.

While cutting, try to cut right over one of the earlier stitches so that it becomes invisible. Make sure that each leg is equally shortened.

If the jeans are already old, you can make a few cuts at random to make it look intentional. Make sure that each leg is cut to the same length. You can also use scissors for this purpose or even cut along one line which will reduce fabric by half.

So that’s how to cut jeans to shorts.

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