Jackfruit is a fruit that belongs to the family of mulberry and figs. It is also classified as a berry.

Jackfruit is also grown for its starchy, tuberous root. When the root is fully ripe, it becomes soft and has a tangy strawberry-like flavor. It can grow up to 80 pounds. The jackfruit tree can reach about 20 meters tall.

How to cut Jackfruit

The following steps for cutting Jackfruit are below:

1. Put the jackfruit on a chopping board.

2. Starting at the bottom, cut away the skin of the fruit by inserting the blade into one end and sliding it down towards the other end. You can use a peeler if you want.

3. Slice off most of the thick white flesh from around the seed using a sharp knife (leave about an inch) and discard it (or compost it). Adjust your knife to make cuts closer to the seed and slice again with long cuts to create about 1/2 inch or 1 centimeter strips of edible flesh around it.

4. Pull out any remaining flesh that is clinging with your fingers, keeping them attached to the seed.

5. Cut the strips of flesh into smaller pieces (or cubes). The fruit is now ready for cooking!

6. Enjoy your jackfruit!

So this is how to cut Jackfruit.

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