You can cut your curtains to your desired length by using a straight edge and carefully measuring out the desired length. You then have two options for cutting the curtains. You can use scissors or a razor blade, depending on what you are most comfortable with.

Smooth curtains can be cut easily with a razor blade. A sharp straight edge and a steady hand will suffice for an accurate cut.

Carefully draw the blade of the razor along your custom made or previously measured straight edge. You may need to check as you go, as the material may slip as you are cutting it. In this case, apply some masking tape to the edge of your material and draw along that.

Once you have cut the desired length, then hem the end by either sewing or using fabric glue. You can use iron on hemming tape for this as well. For most fabrics, it is recommended that you sew the hem instead of using an adhesive (including iron on hemming tape).

For sheers, you can simply cut to your desired length. You can do this by holding the material taut and marking the desired length with a marker or pencil. Then cut along that line with scissors.

So this is how to cut Curtain Bangs.

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