I ate a lot of watermelon this summer. So I guess I am probably eating it wrong.

Let’s see how you can cut a watermelon!

How to cut a Watermelon

There’s a simple way to cut a watermelon that has been passed down from generations of farmers and village people who spent their whole lives harvesting fruit from all over the world.

Cut off the ends of the watermelon, then cut down the middle, while only cutting half way through.

This will give you two perfect halves, without any waste! Cut off each half so it sits flat on a cutting board, and then repeat the process for any other watermelons you have.

You can cut them in wedges or chunks, depending on how you’re going to serve them!

I also found it helpful to cut off some of the rind before cutting, but you can just leave it on if you want. It will give each slice some extra flavor and chewiness!

So this is how you can cut a watermelon correctly.

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