To cut a screw, make sure you get the right size of side cutter for your screw.

You can also use any cutting pliers that are in your toolbox or with a saw blade. A saw blade with a small width is best for cutting screws short.

Put the side cutter on top of the screw and press down on it while applying pressure to push the screw into the jaws of the cutter. This will cut the head off of the screw.

Remove the side cutters when done.


To cut a screw, get a sturdy saw blade and cut the head of the screw off. You can clamp down on your saw blade or use pliers if it is not long enough to fit in the jaws of the pliers/clamp.

Make sure you have a firm grip on either so you do not slip and injure yourself. Make sure to cut the screw head off at its widest point, usually where it would meet the shaft of the screw itself.

You should always wear safety equipment when cutting screws or any other metal objects, because you can seriously injure yourself.

Always make sure that your cutting tool is worthy enough to cut through the object you are cutting.

For example, a saw blade that is too thick may not be able to cut through a screw head and might get stuck in the middle of the cut without completing it.

Always make sure your cutting tool has enough pressure to do its job before trying to use it; if not, you won’t cut anything and might injure yourself.

If you are not against using a hammer, try striking the screw with it to get it to cut easier.

If you do injure yourself while cutting screws or any other metal objects, seek medical attention immediately. If there is someone else around who can help you, have them call 911 for emergency medical assistance.

Do not place any part of your body in the direction of where the object might fly if it breaks while cutting. Always stand to the side and cut with caution.

Always wear protective eye gear when using a saw blade or any other tool, because you could injure yourself from an item flying out of your vision.

Never put yourself in danger while trying to cut a screw or any other metal object. Know your limits and if you think something could go wrong, stop cutting it immediately.

So this is how to cut a Screw.

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