The best way to cut a bell pepper is to slice off the top of the pepper after removing the stem so you can set it down on its flat side.

Slice the pepper in half through the stem. Cut each half in two lengthwise, so that you have four long strips.

How to cut a Bell Pepper

Take your knife and make horizontal cuts spaced an inch apart until you reach about halfway up the pepper.

Turn the knife to make vertical cuts spaced an inch apart until you reach the stem.

You should now have a large grid of squares to work with. Pick off any seed pouches for less mess.

Cut along the lines made by the horizontal and vertical slits to dice it up into pieces, for whatever recipe you are working on.

The ‘ribs’ are located inside the bell pepper, where the stem is. Do not remove them as they give a nice texture to your dish.

If you don’t want ribs in your cooking, slice off the top of the bell pepper and cut out the ribs from inside so that you have a hollow shell which will be perfect for stuffing or other preparations.

So that’s how to cut a Bell Pepper.

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