I don’t know what I should do. Should I confess my feelings to her, or not?

This question has a simple answer: it depends on how she reacts. If she ignores you, then there’s no point in telling her how you feel. If she starts acting very friendly towards you, then it may be time to tell her.

If you want to tell a girl that you like her, then there are some things that you should know.

One of the most important things is this: she’s going to need an explanation from you. She needs some context about why you’re telling her all this after being friends for so long without saying anything.

Many times boys just blurt out “I like you” and expect a girl to know why. I actually had this happen to me once, and it was really awkward because he didn’t give me any context for his confession.

So make sure that before you admit your feelings, you think about how she will react and what her questions might be. This is an important step because having questions can help her feel more comfortable with you, and it will make the next steps easier.

Once you’re ready to tell her that you like her, there are several ways that you can do it. One way is just by saying “I like you” or something similar. Another way is to just say your feelings without specifically saying “I like you.”

If you just say your feelings, then it’s important that you do so in a context that makes it clear that the two of you are friends. When she hears this confession, she may get nervous because she doesn’t want to lose your friendship. So being honest about being friends is the best way to ease her fears.

So this is how to Confess to your Crush.

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