Strawberries are grown in California, Chile, England, Wales, Canada and New Zealand.

They are grown outdoors with the help of greenhouses. Strawberries are also grown outdoors in areas that have relatively mild climates during the winter months.

The soil needs to be moist and well drained since strawberries grow best when they are watered frequently.

You can clean strawberries by wiping them off with a damp paper towel or cloth.

Rinse them quickly under cold running water before drying them thoroughly so there is no moisture left on the surface.

Be careful not to bruise the berries when you’re handling them because this will cause their flavor to deteriorate faster than if you were to cut into one for immediate consumption instead of washing it off.

When you buy strawberries you should look for the ones with firm red/pink flesh and avoid those that are covered in green spots because this usually indicates bruising.

Also, they should be dry to the touch which means they’ve been washed properly, or else water will make them soggy.

If it’s not possible to get strawberries with the green caps still attached, you should at least try to get ones that have been refrigerated which will retard their ripening process.

Once they’re delivered from the strawberry farm to the store, allow for at least one day before you eat them or else they’ll become soft and lose a lot of their quality.

Strawberries are a treat to have year round and they go great with so many kinds of desserts, especially strawberry shortcake and ice cream.

You can freeze your strawberries or keep them fresh in the fridge for up to five days if you wash and dry them properly before storing them.

If not eaten within this time frame, you should be able to freeze them for up to 2-3 months and thaw them for eating within this period of time.

Strawberry farming is a big industry all over the world, which accounts for almost half of the total production of fruits in California.

The strawberry harvest always begins by forcing plastic covers onto the plants in order to protect them from wind and rain.

One acre of strawberry plants will produce around 12,000 pounds of strawberries which is roughly the same weight as 2 African elephants.

The average yield per acre is anywhere from 10-15 tons and sometimes even up to 21 tons.

The process of harvesting strawberries depends on whether they are grown indoors or outside.

When the berries get slightly bigger than a cherry, they are ready to be picked. Strawberries can also be harvested by checking the berries regularly while they’re growing.

If the strawberries have a dull color instead of being red, then it is time to harvest them even though this will result in lower yields because some of the ripe strawberries will get damaged during the process.

So this is how to clean strawberries.

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