A humidifier is an appliance that increases the humidity in air. You can tell you need to use this when your skin, nails, and hair get dry, or you have a runny nose, sore throat, or stuffy nose.

The best way to clean your humidifier is to run hot water through it. Use soap and then rinse.

The level of soap that you should use depends on what chemicals are in your water.

Many distilled water mixers just use water, but the more purified your water is the higher quality of soap you should use so it can wash out all residue.

You want to rinse thoroughly and then refill it with clean distilled or boiled cool tap water to demineralize so it will work properly. If there are any problems after this, you should call a professional.

Running hot water through it will clean the humidifier and if you add some vinegar, it will remove buildup inside it.

If you have hard tap water, this can also cause mineral buildups that will interfere with proper functioning of the humidifier.

It is good to use a filter or purifier to avoid minerals from getting into the water tank.

If you have a humidifier with a filter, it is best to change the filter once a month for better performance and to avoid excess build-up in your home from the minerals in hard tap water.

For best results, clean your humidifiers at least once a month if you use it regularly or more often if it gets a lot of use. If you let the mineral buildup go too long, it will be harder to remove and can cause damage to your humidifier.

If you have an ultrasonic humidifier, there is no need to clean it. The mist evaporates so nothing sticks inside to need cleaning. This type of humidifiers is the cleanest.

If you have a humidifier that has a filter, it is best to change it every month or as needed.

Cleaning it too much will not let the filter work properly and can damage the filer so it needs to be changed more often.

The most important thing with any appliance is to read all instructions and precautions to avoid any problems.

So that’s how to clean Humidifier.

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