Put the mousepad face-down on a clean towel. Fill a plastic or glass dish with soap and water, or use a mild soap and water solution in a spray bottle. Spray the towel and the mousepad lightly. Scrub vigorously with dish soap and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse well with clear water and air-dry.

To help this process along, use a clean cloth and gently scrub off any stains. It is best to go in the direction of the weave of the mousepad, and not against it. If you find that an area has remained stained after repeated scrubbing with soap and water or other cleaners, stop immediately. You risk damaging your mousepad.

Keep your mousepad as clean as possible. Apply a protective barrier, such as Armor-All or similar products. These coatings will help repel stains and make clean-up easier. You can also find waxes that you apply with a soft cloth and then buff to a shine for the same effect.

Use multiple layers of paper towels or a thin cloth between your hand and the mousepad as you use it. This helps to absorb sweat and oil from your skin, which will lessen the chance of your mousepad getting dirty and becoming stained.

If you’re using a fabric mousepad: Most fabric mousepads can be machine washed on delicate with mild detergent. Air-dry or tumble dry on low heat, and keep in mind that the color may fade over time.

So this is how to clean a Mousepad.

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