Clean fans are one of the easiest household chores to tackle. Keep your room cool by changing dirty air filters on your fan, clean the blades with a dry or slightly damp cloth or some glass cleaner, and wipe down the outside of the fan with glass cleaner. Tip: Vacuum the inside of the fan blades after cleaning them for extra freshness.

To keep dust-covered blades from sticking to each other, coat them with cooking spray or WD-40 before you put them back on the fan. Wiping them down before they start building up can also help avoid clogging problems.

When outside, wipe off the fan with a dry cloth to take away dust and dirt. If the blades are wet after rain or dew, leave them inside for several hours until they dry up naturally.

It is possible to kill your fan if you attempt to clean it during a windy day. Make sure that there isn’t a way for the blades to get ripped off before you start cleaning the fan.

Don’t mix different types of cleaners together. Spray a light mist of glass cleaner over a cloth and wipe down the outside of the fan only.

There are all kinds of dirty things that can get stuck in your fan: dead bugs, spider webs, dirt, and more. Cleaning your fan is a painless task that will extend the life of your fan along with reducing germs in your home.

So this is how to Clean a Fan.

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