To better chop fresh rosemary, use a sharp knife or kitchen sheers to cut off the leaves from the stalk. Slice across the stalk at a 45 degree angle and place the cut pieces in a bowl.

Just cutting with a knife is not enough for it needs to have been prepped. For that, you will need to remove the tough woody stems from around the leaves that were just cut from the plant stalks.

Slice as thin as you can as finely as possible without making yourself bleed.

To use, take a few leaves at a time and chop them up. This way they’ll be fresh and easy to use with one hand. The more you have prepared this way the better it will taste in your cooking.

We would recommend that you put them into an airtight container or jar. Place a bay leaf on top of it and then close the jar tightly.

So this is how to chop Rosemary.

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