Bed bugs are a tricky pest to detect and they live in hiding places that we cannot see.

The most effective way to check for bed bugs is by looking in the following areas:

1) Under the beds and edges of furniture.

2) In cracks in flooring and baseboards.

3) In folded towels, laundry, and linens.

4) Behind pictures on wall, pictures on nightstands, or inside clock radios.

5) Under books on shelves or at the bottom of bookcases.

6) Inside dressers and closets (especially along the edges).

7) In drawers (especially under clothes).

8) Along curtains and windowsills (mattresses, box springs, etc.).

9) Along seams of mattresses.

10) On or near bedsprings and under loose wiring in bed frames.

11) In electrical outlets.

12) Under carpet tape or paper wall base.

13) In cracks and crevices in walls.

14) Behind loose wallpaper in closets, behind pictures on walls, etc.

15) Around door and window casings, as well as behind outlet covers.

16) Under rubber mats and around screws in furniture legs.

17) Inside storage units (e.g., closets).

18) In ceiling light fixtures.

19) In curtain rods and in the holes of curtain brackets.

So this is how you can easily check for bed bugs.

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