In this tutorial, you will see how to Change your Name on Facebook.

Please go to the top right corner of the screen and click “Settings & privacy” and then “Settings” and then go to “General Account Settings” section.

Look at the screenshot below:

General Account Settings

You’ll be taken to a page that will display your name, photo, profile picture and email address. Here you can easily change your name and then you have to click “Review Changes”. If you are happy with your name you have to enter your password and then finally click ‘Save Changes’.

Your name will be changed immediately. Your email address will need to be confirmed before you can use it to log in. Use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login screen and follow the instructions if you don’t receive an email within 10 minutes.

Important Points

  • Nobody but yourself should ever change your profile info! If someone else does, then you should change your information back as quickly as possible.
  • Please remember that this post is not an official source for new rules and regulations, it’s just a helpful guide on some important things we think everyone should know!

So this is how you can easily change your name in Facebook.

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