Catching a leprechaun is difficult, but not impossible. Leprechauns are tricky creatures. You may know some of their hiding spots or tricks for catching them!

1) If you have an old shoe, try tying some horse hair to the tongue of the shoe and leave it by the place where the leprechaun is known to hide.

2) Try holding an old can or cup of tea over your head while you look into a mirror. The leprechaun will wave back at you from behind your reflection in the mirror!

3) Like most other mythological creatures, leprechauns are attracted to shiny objects, so find a shiny object and hold onto it while you look for a leprechaun.

4) Try hanging a horseshoe over the door. Leprechauns love to do chores around the house, so seeing it may attract them!

5) One of the most well-known ways to catch a leprechaun is by trapping them in a box and placing it under a rainbow. Of course, you will need a box and a pot of gold (just in case).

6) Leprechauns also like to play tricks with humans. One example is when they make holes in the ground appear under humans’ feet. To catch them, jump over the hole or put an umbrella over your head!

You can also try to catch one of the leprechaun’s four-leaf clovers!

So this is how to catch a Leprechaun.

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