A birdhouse is a structure which provides shelter and protection for birds and is placed in close proximity to habitation, often by people.

Birdhouses are typically used as nesting sites or breeding sites by bird species that produce nests such as wrens, swallows, martins, and purple martins. The distinction between “birdhouse” and “bird nest” can be ambiguous.

A birdhouse that is simply a compartment for housing birds, not building nests, can provide suitable nesting sites for some species. Animal architects are sometimes called upon to design aviaries and nestboxes of various types.

Birdhouses may be placed in trees or on poles. They should be made of weather-resistant material appropriate to their location.

Use a single-block of wood. Use a saw to cut a square hole in the middle, then use a drill that has a 3/8 inch bit.

Drill a starter hole on each corner, and push the inside corners of the square holes so they meet.

The house should have 4 sides now. Cut 2 slits at opposite corners for ventilation. Use 1 hard piece of wood as the roof, and cut it so it will fit on top of the four sides you just made.

Use screws or nails to attach it to the four sides.

You can also paint or decorate your birdhouse with any paints or decorations you want!

So this is how to Build a Birdhouse.

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