To blow smoke rings, first release a mouthful of smoke.

If there is someone next to you, ask them to hold your mouth closed with their hand – this will prevent the smoke from dispersing too quickly.

What you want to do is draw your lips inwards, away from your teeth and move them up and down as though you’re trying to whistle.

Turn your head side-to-side as you do this for even distribution of the ring (this also looks like the hokey pokey).

If done correctly, you’ll be left with a nice smoke ring that your friend will surely envy.

It may sound complicated but the science behind it isn’t too complex: You’re basically creating a small pocket of air between your lips and trying to fill it as much as possible with the smoke from your lungs.

When you blow, the smoke around the pocket gets compressed inside of it and forms a ring.

Now that you know how to blow smoke rings, try for yourself.

So this is how to blow Smoke Rings.

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