Here are the steps:

1. Place a finger on the surface of the bubble forming liquid.

2. Remove your finger from the surface of the bubble, creating a hole where it had been.

3. Push soapy water through the hole you created in step two, with your finger or other utensil, for as long as it takes to create a layer of bubbles around your finger or utensil.

4. Lift up your finger or utensil and let go of it to release the bubbles you have created.

5. Repeat this process with a homemade bubble wand or commercial bubble wands, and enjoy! You can also use a commercial bubble blower to create the bubbles.

In conclusion, making soap bubbles is easy once you know how! A simple solution of dish soap mixed with water creates foam that traps air inside bubbles when the mixture is blown with your breath.

So this is how to blow a Bubble.

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