Astral projection is a paranormal experience that involves the astral body leaving the physical body. The astral body is a second form of non-physical energy that can travel to unlimited distances while traveling in the physical world.

There are two ways to perform an astral projection: a natural way and a forced way. If you use a natural way, you will need to take time to learn how it works and practice it before you will be able to achieve this state.

Let’s go through the steps to do Astral projection – How to Astral Project:

How to Astral Projection

1. Relax your body and calm your mind. Do not use any drugs or stimulants that might cause you to feel hyper or excited, because these emotions will counteract the process of astral projection.

2. Start to visualize yourself floating in the air and feel that you are getting lighter and lighter as your body rises up from the ground where it sits.

3. As you are visualizing these things, also try to imagine that there is a cord connected to your astral body, which is attached to your physical body on Earth. Imagine that this cord is extremely long and you are slowly starting to pull the cord from your body.

4. As you continue to think these thoughts, imagine yourself going up through the sky and traveling thousands of miles away. You may even want to try thinking about a place where you have never been before.

5. Now it’s time to make an adjustment in your visualization. Try to imagine yourself right next to the wall of the room and visualize that you are pressing against it. Also, think about how solid and dense this wall is and convince yourself that you cannot pass through it because you are not strong enough.

6. You’ll want to hold these thoughts for a couple minutes. Keep them in your mind because a lot of people make the mistake of attempting to pass through the wall too soon and fail at this process.

7. Think about how much you want to get out of this place and that you will be able to accomplish it if you just try hard enough. Also, think about how long you have been using the same method of getting through this wall and how you will be able to get out if you just expand your mind for a second.

8. Now visualize that your astral body has turned solid, like it is made up of stone or metal, and try to imagine how heavy it is. Then walk forward with this in mind until you have broken through the wall.

9. Once you have broken out of the wall, visualize yourself flying around outside in your astral body and exploring the new place that you are in. You can go anywhere that you want to at this point, but if it is dark outside when you do this make sure to always keep some light on so you don’t get lost.

It’s as simple as that. This method of astral projection can take a little bit longer than other methods, but it is effective and predictable every time you use it.

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