In this article, you will get the complete tutorial on the My Maxim Connect Login in a step-by-step manner.

Using this portal, any employees can access their work schedule anywhere, anytime.

My Maxim Connect

How to Access My Maxim Connect – – My Maxim Connect | Log-In

What is My Maxim Connect?

My Maxim Connect web portal was launched by Maxim Healthcare Services. Maxim Healthcare Services is a privately held medical company, established in 1988 as a medical staff. Headquarters in Columbia, Maryland.

There are so many employees working there that they have access to a secure login web portal.

Maxim Healthcare Services, all employees can access their work account anytime, anywhere through this My Maxim Connect portal. Employees can track payroll, income, and more. Requirements

The portal is based on some rules and requirements that you must follow.

If you want to access the portal online in accordance with the Terms of Service, please see the list of rules and requirements for accessing the My Maxim Connect login below.

  • A valid user name is required.
  • To use the portal, you also need to create a password.
  • You also need a cell phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • The device should have a good internet connection.

Mymaximconnect Login/Sign in

How to login to My Maxim Connect administrator account?

To login to the administrator account, you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

My Maxim Connect Admin login
  • Enter the name of your website in your web browser or copy the link to your web browser mymaximconnect.
  • Go to a new page where you need to click the Admin Login link in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Now the user must enter the username and password in the appropriate fields.
  • You need to get a username and password from your organization’s administrator.
  • After entering all the data, the user must click the login button to enter their respective account.

How to login to mymaximconnect general account?

My Maxim Connect login
  • Go to the website. You can see the links in the upper section of this article.
  • Also, enter your user name in the first blank column.
  • Enter the password in the second field.
  • Finally, click the [Login] button.
  • Now you will be able to access all the features that are available for you.

Forget Username/Password Reset Username

Forgot your portal username. Here’s how to restore it:

My maxim Connect Username
  • Go to the login page.
  • Click the forgotten username link in red. Enter the
  • ADP number.
  • Click Get Username.
  • The user name is displayed.

Contact Information-Go to the page labeled “Contact Us” or call the provided 4109101500. Reset Password

It is very common for users to forget their password and panic. Here are the user details on how to get your password: The procedure is as follows-

My Maxim Connect Password
  • Therefore, on the login page, the user must enter Maxim’s username.
  • Here, for security reasons, the user must answer the security questions previously set for their account.
  • In the next step, the user must enter the new password and then confirm it again.
  • Finally, the user needs to confirm the password.

My Maxim Connect Contact Details

  • During Business Hours (8:00 am -5:00 pm local time) – Please contact your local Maxim Office.
  • After Hours – Please contact the Solution Center at 888-299-1278. – My Maxim Connect | Log-In – Related Questions

What services does Maxim Healthcare provide?

Maxim Healthcare Services provides skilled home care, physical rehabilitation, companion care, short-term care, and behavioral care to people with illnesses and disabilities.

Their team of nurses, therapists and home health care professionals help patients of all ages maintain the best quality of life.

Does Maxim Healthcare have PTO?

Maxim Healthcare Services’ PTO and vacation policies typically include 0-10 days of vacation per year.

In addition to health care, paid leave is the most important advantage of Maxim Healthcare services when classified by employees, 67% of employees say this is the most important benefit.

How big is Maxim Healthcare Services?

The company has more than 200 offices in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia. In 2017, Maxim cared for more than 50,000 patients and their families, as well as caregivers and customers.

Is Maxim Healthcare Public or private?

Maxim Healthcare Group is a privately owned medical company headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, founded in 1988 as MEDCALL Medical Staffing. In 2008 Maxim Healthcare received ACHC certification.

What is Maxim Healthcare mission statement?

Maxim Healthcare’s mission is to provide reliable, safe and patient-oriented care through innovative and efficient care models. Maxim’s vision is to become the country’s most respected and admired medical services organization.

Is Maxim Healthcare part of Allegis Group?

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) recently acquired the Managed Services Provider (MSP) division of Maxim Healthcare Services (Maxim).

With outstanding customer service and growing industry knowledge, their team is ready to serve MSP Healthcare customers with unmatched dedication and skills.

Does Maxim Healthcare have tuition reimbursement?

As an employee or family member of Maxim Healthcare, you can take advantage of the following benefits: Transferred research grant scholarship matching and private expense of up to 15% of tuition and fees.

Is Maxim Healthcare a good company to work for?

Working as a Maxim Direct Support Professional is very rewarding. Wages are better than what some companies. The work is very rewarding. Management is working hard to find consumers near you.

Is Maxim Healthcare a nonprofit?

The Maxim Charitable Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charity foundation separate from Maxim Healthcare Services. MCF provides relief and financial support to poor, needy, disadvantaged or disadvantaged employees.

What does a healthcare recruiter do?

Healthcare Recruiters are human resources specialists focused on recruiting medical professionals for your organization.

Other tasks such as conducting interviews, assigning employees to work, and investigating organizations and individuals can also be part of normal working days.

Is healthcare recruiting a good job?

A career as a healthcare recruiter can be incredibly rewarding for those who take the time to build relationships and advance their careers.

The Core Medical Group provides healthcare recruiters with a lucrative career path that encourages personal and professional development.

Final Verdict

We hope we’ve provided complete information about the My Maxim Connect login process.

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