The 80-year-old has been in Australia, participating in different activities with her daughter Alexis, 56, and two grandkids Jude, eleven, and Truman, ten.

How many grandchildren does Martha Stewart have

Does Martha Stewart have any grandkids? 

Jude, 11, and Truman, 10, Stewart’s grandkids, stood at her side as she prepared to blow out the candles on her magnificent birthday cake.

On Instagram, the domestic guru shared a heartwarming photo of her daughter Alexis’ children, giving admirers a rare insight into her life away from the spotlight. And then there’s the birthday cake!!!

What’s Martha Stewart’s net worth?

Martha Stewart’s net worth is predicted to be in the neighborhood of $400 million by 2020, down from over a billion dollars.

Martha Stewart became a billionaire for the first time in 1999, when her firm, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, went public.

Who is the father of Martha Stewart’s grandkids?

Alexis Gilbert Stewart (born) is a television host and radio personality in the United States.

Martha Stewart and her ex-husband Andrew have an only child.

Is Martha Stewart a grandma?

Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart’s 45-year-old daughter, has given birth to a baby girl. Alexis’ surrogate daughter Jude was born on Tuesday. Martha, 80, has no want to be referred to as “grandma.” “Martha will be known as ‘Martha,'” Alexis said on her radio show, Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer.

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