This is a three-step approach for sending a private message on Facebook’s marketplace.

Look for the ‘Make Offer’ button on the product profile.

Make an offer or send a message to the seller by clicking the ‘Make Offer’ or ‘Message Seller’ buttons.

To send your question or query, type it in and hit the Enter button.

How do you send a private message on Facebook Marketplace

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How do I hide my marketplace on Facebook?

Click the Edit button in the On Facebook section. After that, scroll down to App Request and Activity and click Edit. Select Turn Off from the Market Place app’s right-hand dropdown menu. This will disable Marketplace’s Facebook notifications.

Can you post on Facebook without friends seeing?

When typing a status update, simply click the button directly to the left of the blue “Post” button. You can use the “custom” option to restrict specific users from seeing the post, just like you can using the Privacy Settings page.

How do I fix unable to send a message?

If your Android isn’t sending text messages, the first thing you should check is that you have a good signal; without cell or Wi-Fi access, your texts will go nowhere. A gentle reset of an Android or a power cycle reset will generally resolve an issue with outgoing SMS.

What is the limit for sending messages on Facebook?

You can send messages to up to 150 persons at the same time. You can post in a group if you want to send a message to a specific group that you’re a member of.

Can people on Facebook Marketplace see my Facebook profile?

Anyone within 100 miles of you will be able to see your listing, which will only display the information you’ve decided to make public in your Facebook profile. Unless you choose to put your address or phone number in your profile (which you should not do), no one will be able to view them.

Where did my marketplace messages go?

Select the messages symbol from the drop-down menu. On the drop-down menu, select “see all.” Look at the top left corner of the messages screen, right below “Facebook.” You’ll see “Inbox” and “Other” in grey just to the right of it. Your lost messages will appear when you click “Other.”

Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

No, Facebook does not inform people that their profile has been viewed. This functionality is also unavailable in third-party programs. If you find an app that purports to have this capability, please report it.

How do I get help from Facebook?

You must first log into your Facebook account before contacting them. Look up in the upper right corner of the screen on the desktop site. There’s a downward-facing arrow there; click it and choose “Help & support” from the dropdown menu.

What does it mean to accept a Facebook Marketplace offer?

Accepting a price offer does not imply that you have sold your item. The potential customer is only given the choice of purchasing at a cheaper price.

Is there an age restriction on Facebook Marketplace?

You are correct; to use Marketplace, you must be at least 18 years old.

Can you send a Facebook message to someone you aren’t friends with?

Regardless of friend status or privacy settings, you may send a message to anyone on Facebook. Only members you’ve blocked, as well as those who’ve blocked you, are exempt. Members with minimal filtering normally receive all messages in their inbox’s main folder.

Who pays for shipping on Facebook marketplace?

Shipping will be paid for by the buyer, Facebook, or you as the seller, depending on how you’ve set up your ad. If you chose to pay for shipping, the fees will be taken from your final payment.

How do you send a private message on an iPhone?

Type your message in the message field, which is located just above the keyboard. Tap the blue “Send” button after you’re finished.

Are FB marketplace messages private?

Yes, technically. This is due to the fact that products put in Marketplace can be viewed by anyone with Marketplace access.

How do send a private message on Facebook?

Click right beneath the cover photo, or in the navigation bar at the top of the page, on the messages symbol (it may be grayed out). There’s a link there that says “Send a new message.” When you click it, a Chat window appears at the bottom of the screen, where you may type in your message and pick your friend’s name.

Why can’t I see my Marketplace messages?

Go to the marketplace button (bottom left, next to the home button), then to the small person icon (top right), then to inbox (under Commerce Profile), and voilà! There are messages! It will take you to Marketplace if you click on that.

Can I post on Marketplace without friends seeing?

Anyone with Marketplace access can look at the products that have been placed. Products are not automatically published on a person’s News Feed, and friends are not notified unless the seller chooses to share the product with them.

Why can’t I send a message in Facebook Marketplace?

You may have sent too many Marketplace messages. You might be messaging someone in a nation where Marketplace isn’t available. It’s possible that your Marketplace access has been revoked.

What is the etiquette for Facebook Marketplace?

Make a full and accurate payment for the item. For God’s sake, let people know if something is wrong with an item before they buy it. Don’t alter a product’s price without prior notice. When another person is actively purchasing an item, don’t sell it to them.

How do I turn on Marketplace on Facebook?

On your phone, Facebook’s Marketplace is simple to navigate and use. And access it, hit the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the Home page (it looks like a little storefront) to begin browsing Marketplace (assuming you’re using the Facebook app on an iPhone or Android).

How do buyers contact you on Facebook marketplace?

Buyers can send direct messages to sellers using the “Make Offer” or “Message Seller” buttons found on each product profile. This will start a conversation between the customer and vendor in Messenger as well as Marketplace.

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