It’s the million dollar question which every girl faces.

We think first you need to figure out if he is the type of guy who would be supportive or not.

If he is, then it wouldn’t even matter that you are pregnant with his child because he’d still support you through anything and everything. However, if he isn’t that type of guy, then you’d have to consider the following options.

You can decide to keep the baby yourself even if he isn’t ready or doesn’t want it. This way you take all responsibility for your child and will need to deal with being a single mom for 18 years. But we think it’s worth it because you are giving your baby the opportunity for a healthy happy life.

The other option is to give your child up for adoption or, if you can’t do that, then consider having an abortion. This would be the best thing to do for everyone involved if he isn’t ready to have a kid of his own, but unfortunately it’s not always possible to go through with it.

Your final option is to keep the baby and tell him that you are pregnant (whether he knows or not).

This way you get to choose whether he wants anything to do with your child, but you also must take responsibility for your child regardless of how he feels about having a family.

Some girls like this because they can get child support from him, but it’s also hard because he might not want anything to do with the baby and you won’t know how he feels or what he plans on doing.

Disclaimer – Please be aware that these are simply options, we are not telling you what to do. You have to think over it and take doctor’s advice if necessary.

So this is how you can tell him if you are pregnant.

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