Your rebate redemption certificate may be picked up at the service desk or printed online at www.MENARDS.COM.

You must also provide the certificate, as well as the refund receipt, which may be found at the bottom of your purchase receipt.

Your Menards® merchandise credit check will be mailed to you. The processing time will be 6 to 8 weeks.

How do I get my Menards rebate online

How do I get my Menards rebate online – Similar Questions

Can I print a Menards rebate form?

You may use the “Sign Tool” to generate and sign the “Get And Sign Menards 11% Rebate Pdf Form” using your electronic signature.

After you’ve completed the blank, click “Done.” The form may now be printed, downloaded, or shared.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Support section or contact their Customer Service staff.

Is it possible to get a receipt reprinted?

If you can’t find your receipt, go to the store where you bought it and ask for a reprint.

Most businesses will accept this in lieu of a missing receipt. You may be able to obtain a credit from the retailer if you are unable to get your money back while returning something.

How do I check on my Menards rebate?

On your rebate receipt, you’ll see your rebate number. Purchases made over the internet: As a PDF attachment, your refund receipt is included to your confirmation email. Purchases made in-store: When you check out at the register, the clerk will give you your rebate receipt.

Can you track Menards rebates?

You will be able to follow the progress of your rebate once your rebate forms have been submitted and are being processed.

Can Menards rebates be submitted electronically?

In-Store Reprint Kiosk at Menards Menards rebates are exclusively redeemable for retail credit in-store (they cannot be utilized for online purchases).

How do I get my Menards 11 rebate after purchase?

Stop by the shop to pick up an 11 percent Price Adjustment Rebate Form, which will be available for 3 weeks after the 11 percent discount, fill it out, and mail it in with your original sales receipt to the PO Box listed on the form.

How long does a Menards rebate take?

Approximately six to eight weeks.

How do I get my rebate receipt from Menards?

Sign in to your account and pick the “My Account” option from the “Welcome, Sign In” drop-down menu to check up receipts on MENARDS.COM®.

 Select Save to display the receipt as a PDF file, which you can save or print.

Can you reprint a Menards rebate receipt?

At Menards, keep in mind that cash purchases are not trackable. Menards will not be able to reproduce or hunt up a receipt for you.

How do I claim my Menards 11% rebate?

Form for Menards Rebate The 11 percent rebate form is available both in-store and online.

You may also see whether any additional rebates will stack with the 11% rebate. After that, fill out the rebate form, attach your refund receipts, and submit it to PO Box 155, Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155 with a stamp.

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