Cafe and restaurant are two different types of establishments. Restaurants often offer a variety of dishes and courses and in some cases, alcohol. Cafes, on the other hand, typically serve one dish or set course with coffee and other products like tea and snacks.

However, there are cafes that serve dishes and courses, just like restaurants. And there are also restaurants that serves coffee and teas, just like cafes.

History of Cafe

The first coffee shop was opened in Rome in 1645. The very first cafe’ was actually a Turkish coffee house, named Kiva Han, which means the “coffee house”. The original espresso machines were patented by Luigi Bezzera in 1901. It is speculated that these are the root of all modern espresso machines today.

The first espresso machine was designed by Aurelio Peccei for an Austrian company called Faema – the acronym stands for the “sociètè des amis de l’expresso mécanique” or The Society of Friends of the Mechanical Coffee-Machine.

One of the biggest contributions to the popularity of cafes during this time was attributed to an Italian immigrant named Achille Gaggia, who invented the modern pump driven piston espresso machine in Milan in 1946. This new, innovative design was not only able to deliver a richer and creamier cup of coffee, but did so at a faster rate than older machines. The popularity of this invention brought about the development of florescent lighting for cafes’ outdoor seating areas and the development of espresso cup lids to keep beverages warmer for longer periods.

History of Restaurant

A restaurant is a business that’s involved in the serving of food and drink, typically to customers seated on the premises. Many restaurants also provide entertainment, in the form of music, videos, games etc.

A restaurant is generally a place where you can go to give yourself an entertainment treat while enjoying a good meal at the same time. The word “restaurant” was coined by Frenchman Boulanger in 1765 and basically means restorative. Boulanger came up with this word due to the fact that he noticed that people who were feeling sick and weak will go to a restaurant for food and drink, and then they would come out healthier.

The modern restaurants as we know them today first started appearing in Paris, France in 1782. The first complete restaurant was called “Le Grand Véfour” (The Grand Vefour). The restaurant sold soups, bouillons and other dishes prepared by chefs.

The word “restaurant” is derived from the French verb: restaurer (to restore), and it means to restore or refreshment.

History of Restaurant and Cafe combined

In countries like Italy, cafes are commonly known for serving quick coffee even breakfast snacks. During the period of 1930s to 1940s, cafes started becoming more popular in major cities across Europe. The tradition of having “coffee and a sandwich” at cafes became very common during this time period.

The first all-inclusive restaurant was opened in Liverpool, England by John Henry Iles in 1849. He called his establishment the “Royal Polytechnic Dining Rooms”. A restaurant that provides everything from food to entertainment is commonly referred to as a “restaurant” today.

Today, some cafes are also serving alcohol beverages along with regular coffee and tea drinks. Restaurants on the other hand have become more of an entertainment place, providing games and other activities for clients.

Nowadays there are many different types of restaurants serving food, drinks and providing entertainment to their customers. It is common for these places to be called “Cafe & Restaurant” or just “Restaurant & Cafe”. Sometimes local people also call them as “Coffee shop”.

Main Differences Between Cafe and Restaurant

Coffee shops are smaller and serve only coffee and snacks. They usually sell coffee in the form of espresso, Americano, latte or other types like ice coffee, iced latte and cappuccino. These types dishes are also limited in combinations and beverages available.

Cafes on the other hand can include anything from a place that sells regular coffee to one that serves alcohol drinks as well as light snacks. Cafe also includes places that offer food items like sandwiches, omelettes or pastries. The cafe customers are generally more relaxed than customers of restaurants who come for dinner.

Cafe and restaurant chains are everywhere now, the atmosphere of cafe and restaurant varies from country to country. In countries like Italy, cafes provide more of a local Italian feeling while restaurants in Japan often serve Japanese cuisine along with other Asian dishes and beverages. Whatever may be the case, having both cafe and restaurant together helps people enjoy food and drinks in an entertaining manner.

So that was the information about restaurant or cafe.

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