Are you looking for information on how to connect Microsoft Teams with Asana then this article will help you.

Before that let’s know what Microsoft Teams and Asana are, and then you will learn how to connect Microsoft Teams to Asana.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform that allows global, remote, and cross-functional teams to collaborate and exchange information in a centralized location.

Asana is an online and mobile project management application that assists teams in organizing, tracking, and managing their work.

Let’s begin:

How to Connect Microsoft Teams to Asana

Here is the step-by-step process to integrate Teams and Asana:

Step 1: Make sure your Microsoft Teams admin has given permission for applications to be used and installed.
Step 2: Open “Microsoft Teams” on your computer; the desktop app is recommended.
In your Teams left navigation bar, select the “Apps” tab.
Step 3: Look for Asana.
Step 4: Select “Add” now.
Step 5: You will see the Asana bot in your chat.  You may also pin the Asana app to your left navigation if you like.
Step 6: The bot will now prompt you to log in and verify your Asana workspace. Once you will log in, you will be ready to utilize the integration.

So this is how to integrate both these apps.


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