Stash is a personal finance software that makes investing simple and inexpensive for regular people.
Stash was founded on a simple principle: everyone should be able to invest. It provides fractional shares, allowing anybody with $5 or less to trade in the stock market.

Stash helps more than 5 million people accomplish their financial goals by combining additional investment and saving options, such as the Stock-BackĀ® Card1.

How to cancel Stash subscriptions

If you want to go ahead and cancel your Stash subscription, then this short and quick article will give you all the required details to help you to cancel your Stash subscription.

How to cancel Stash subscription

To cancel your subscription:

Online cancellation of a Stash subscription:

  • Go to your Stash account and sign in.
  • On theĀ top right of the screen, choose “Your Name.”
  • On the left side of the screen, click “Close Account.”
  • Select the account you’d want to cancel.
  • Close stash.

Go to to cancel your subscription online.

Also, you can find additional information on the official Stash website on how to cancel your Stash subscription.

I hope that this article has helped you in some way. If you still have any questions regarding this, then you can post them in the comments section provided below this post.

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