DISH Network Corporation is an American television company that owns DISH Network, a direct-broadcast satellite provider, as well as Sling TV, an over-the-top IPTV service. DISH Cellular, a prepaid mobile wireless service, is also available through DISH.

How to cancel Dish Network service

If you wish to cancel your Dish Network service, then this article will give you insight into all the things required to cancel your Dish Network service.

How to cancel Dish Network service

Steps to cancel your service:

  • Call 1 (888) 283-2309 to reach the customer care department.
  • Inform them that you wish to cancel.
  • Dish Network’s satellite service is provided to the majority of customers on a two-year contract. If you cancel before then, you will be charged an early termination fee. To find out how much the cost is, look at the contract you signed with Dish Network.
  • Dish Network gives you a receiver, remote controls, and perhaps a DVR when they installed satellite service in your house. You will be charged a fee if you do not return these devices to Dish Network. When you cancel your service, Dish Network will give you a package to ship it in.

You can also send them an email at [email protected] and ask them to cancel your account.

Further, you can find important details regarding this on the official Dish Network website.

I think that this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or queries, then you can ask them in the comments section provided at the end of this article.

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