Costco Wholesale Business is a global corporation based in the United States that owns and runs a chain of membership-only big-box retail shops. Instead of buying items online, Costco largely relies on encouraging members to walk into a warehouse to make purchases.

Costco has steadily extended its product and service offerings. It used to offer just packaged goods, but today it sells a wide range of items including art, literature, caskets, clothes, computer software, premium wine, furniture, and many more.

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If you wish to cancel your Costco membership, then this article will give you insight into all the things required to cancel your Costco membership.

How to cancel Costco membership

Steps to cancel your membership:

  • Locate your Costco membership card Call Costco customer service at 1-800-774-2678.
  • Listen for the option that mentions “Membership”.
  • Then choose the “Cancellation” option.
  • Follow the directions you are given to cancel your membership.

Further, you can find important details regarding this on the official Costco website.

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