ActBlue is an American nonprofit technology company founded in June 2004 that provides online fundraising tools to left-leaning organizations, Democratic politicians, and progressive groups to help them raise money from individual donations over the Internet.

How to cancel ActBlue membership

If you wish to cancel your ActBlue membership, then this article will give you insight into all the things required to cancel your ActBlue membership.

How to cancel ActBlue membership

Steps to cancel your membership:

  • Our Contribution Lookup & Action Center will help you locate your receipt. You’ll need the following contribution details: card number, donation amount, ZIP code, contribution date, and contributor’s last name.
  • You’ll be sent to your donation’s receipt once you’ve successfully looked up your donation.
  • Under the green box that shows that your recurring donation is active, click the “Change or cancel your regular payments” option. You’ll be able to change the credit card used for your regular donations as well as the amount of months left on the commitment (or how to cancel it altogether)
  • By clicking the “Cancel the rest of this recurring donation” option, you can cancel your regular contribution.
  • A pop-up will display when you click this link, asking why you’d like to discontinue your recurring contribution. Click “Yes, cancel this contribution” after selecting or providing a reason. Then you’re ready to go!

Go to to cancel your subscription online.

Call (617) 517-7600 to cancel over the phone.

Or, email [email protected] to cancel your account.

Further, you can find important details regarding this on the official ActBlue website.

I think that this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or queries, then you can ask them in the comments section provided at the end of this article.

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