Your web browsing data (such as history (websites you visited), temporary internet files, and cookies) doesn’t get saved on your PC when you use InPrivate tabs or windows.

Let’s first understand that is InPrivate browsing is and then we will see how to browse InPrivate in Microsoft Edge.

What is InPrivate Browsing

InPrivate Browsing is a way for you to hide your browsing data from others. Once you enable this feature – details like browsing history, temp internet files, and cookies will not be stored in your web browser.

You can use the InPrivate Browsing option to stop or allow websites that collect information about your browsing behavior automatically. Keep in mind that when you launch the Microsoft Edge window, InPrivate Browsing is disabled by default.

Let’s see how to surf internet will InPrivate mode in Edge.

How to Browse InPrivate in Microsoft Edge

To use InPrivate Browsing, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Edge browser and go to the “Settings and more” Icon (… – three horizontal dots) and then the “New InPrivate window“.


Step 2: After clicking the “New InPrivate window” a new InPrivate window will open. InPrivate in blue color will be shown in the top right corner of the new Microsoft Edge browser window. You will see an explanation of “InPrivate browsing” in this new window.


Step 3: Now surf the web and hide your data from others.

So this is how you can enable InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge browser.

Important Points re InPrivate Browsing

1. You can open an InPrivate browsing window in various ways:

  • Simply right-click on the Microsoft Edge logo in the taskbar and then select the “New InPrivate window”.
  • While surfing in Microsoft Edge if you come across any link – simply right-click that link and then select “Open link in InPrivate window“.
  • Open Microsoft Edge and then press “Ctrl+Shift+N” in order to open an InPrivate window.

2. You can turn off the InPrivate window by clicking the “Close” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. When you close all InPrivate windows in Microsoft Edge, it will automatically remove your web browsing history, cookies, and website data, as well as any stored passwords, addresses, and form data.

3. Allow extensions to run when surfing InPrivate if you’ve given them access. While surfing InPrivate, Microsoft Edge cannot prevent extensions from saving your browser history.

4. Edge:/settings, edge:/favorites, and edge:/history are a few of the pages that cannot be seen in an InPrivate window. When you open these in InPrivate, they will open in a regular browser window.

5. InPrivate browsing does not enable extra ad-blocking or protect you from any harmful websites. As cookies and other site permissions aren’t removed until all InPrivate windows are closed, websites can continue to personalize content for you during your InPrivate browsing session.

6. InPrivate browsing is not accessible to children whose family group has activated activity reporting or web filtering.

Why Use InPrivate Browsing

The reasons why you should use it are:

  • Keeps you secure by clearing browsing history, cookies, cached images, files, passwords, and autofill form data
  • You can easily save your favorites and downloaded files to use them in the future when you use Microsoft Edge.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and informative. In case you have any questions or comments, you can ask them in the comments section given below.

Source: Microsoft Support

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